Do Good in March: Ideas from our staff, designers + eco partners

As part of our Do Good in March promotion (where we’re giving you the chance to win free letterpress invitations just for doing good!), we’re hoping to inspire others to create some good in the world. Wondering what counts as something you could do that’s considered “good”? Lots of things – we’re letting you decide! But if you need some ideas to help get you started, our eco-partners, designers and staff have some amazing ways to spread the love. Have some ideas of your own? Tell us in the comments section below!

Practice the Amazon Conservation Association’s green living tips. Check out these great tips for simple things you can do to help protect the rainforests.

Lighten your (wedding’s) footprint with The Conservation Fund. There’s no doubt your guests will flock from miles away to be a part of your big day, but did you know that guest travel is likely the largest piece of your wedding’s carbon footprint? The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program can help measure your impact and then plant trees in protected parks and wildlife refuges that will trap CO2 as they grow.  Want help creating a custom footprint for your wedding or destination? Email today.

The Conservation Fund's Go Zero program can figure out your carbon footprint and offset it.

Plant a tree with American Forests. Depending on where you live, you may be able to plant trees on your own — if not, consider making a donation to the American Forests Global ReLeaf program — they’ll plant a tree for every $1 dollar you give.

Recycle your cell phone with Earthworks. Keep the toxic metals that cell phones contain out of landfills. Earthworks has a program called Recycle My Cell Phone, which enables consumers to send in their old phones. They will make sure the phones are reused or that the components are responsibly recycled.  There are 2 ways to participate: either send your phone directly to Earthworks, or visit Earthworks’ partner’s website, Cell Phones for My Cause – they’ll pay the shipping if you’ve got 20 phones or more to send in.  You can send in a single phone, or hold a cell phone drive and send in a boxful!

Some of our designers have really great ways to help others — keep reading for more great ideas!

The Left-Handed Calligrapher Nicole Black donates to the North Texas Food Bank – where every $1.00 donated helps to provide 3 healthy and nutritious meals to those without.  And as a bonus – during the month of March, the SuperBowl XIV host committee will match the first $1 million donated, doubling your efforts to eliminate hunger in North Texas. You can volunteer your time, too — food banks are always in constant need of volunteers to help run donation centers, food banks, administrative needs, educational services and special events.  If you’re not in North Texas, donate to Feeding America – every dollar you donate helps provide 8 meals to families struggling with hunger.

Master calligrapher Kelle McCarter and her husband support a worthwhile cause that’s close to their hearts — they support The Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies in Golden, Colorado. This group rescues abandoned and abused golden retrievers and finds loving homes for hundreds of them each year.  Kelle and her husband have adopted two dogs from the rescue (below) and they are the loves of their lives! A portion of the proceeds from Kelle’s new magazine “Paperswell” will go directly to GRRR to support its commendable work. Visit to make a contribution or adopt a pet today.

Calligrapher Kelle McCarter's dogs from the Golden Rescue

Patricia Mumau reads aloud to children whenever she can – it’s not just for parents! We all have kids in our lives that can benefit from a little story time. You can also touch base with your local library to see if they need volunteers to read to children, or stop by your local children’s hospital and spend some time reading to young patients. If you’re looking for a little more direction, Jim Trelease for years was a dedicated advocate of reading aloud to children and wrote an excellent book, The Read-Aloud Handbook.  He currently maintains a website with articles, booklists, and helpful links.

Elizabeth and David Mandel support a new museum that is being built in Atlanta (and David has taken on the role of the Design and Content Manager) called The Center for Civil and Human Rights. Their mission: To continue the universal search for a secure human existence in a way that inspires vigilance and leadership among future generations. Check with your favorite local museum to find out how you can volunteer your time.

Jamie Bertsch takes part in a great mission each year called the FEED Project – by purchasing a beautifully made bag (made using fair labor), you can commit a set donation that provides school meals to children. You can choose, based on your donation, to provide food for a set amount of time or up to an entire year.


Our staff is always busy doing good, too! Check out what our team does to help out:

Tiffany Button – lead client coordinator here at Bella Figura – finds opportunities to spread the love whenever she hosts a party. She encourages her guest to bring something to the party for the less fortunate — for an upcoming baby shower that she’s helping to plan, she’s asked guests to bring books for a local library in need.  It creates a nice balance — you’re able to honor the guest of honor while keeping the less fortunate in mind.

Racheal Decker, a graphic designer on our team here, is teaming up with a group of friends this spring to donate to Operation Shower, an non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and honoring military families. The group provides joyful baby showers for military families to ease the burden of deployment.

Christie Jones, one of our client coordinators, and her husband help out at a new nonprofit called Hope Print, which helps the refugee community right here in Syracuse, New York. The organization helps refugees with housing, ESL, and basic needs.

Lead designer Jess Tierney donates money and supplies to local animal shelters on a regular basis and volunteers her time when she can. If you’re looking to help your local shelter, you can donate money, time, or resources: drop off blankets, towels or toys that aren’t needed — every little bit helps! Or, start your new family together by adopting a furry friend — you’ll be loved forever! Visit the ASPCA to find out more today.

Graphic designer Sarah Walroth donates to the Alzheimer’s Association and plans to give a donation in lieu of favors in honor of the guests at her upcoming wedding to help support their valuable research efforts and help generate awareness. You can do the same by visiting, or choosing a different cause that means a lot to you.

Chris Gannon and Sean Mahady, both client coordinators, are committed to the community —  Chris regularly makes it a point to pick up items left on the side of the road and bring them to our local recycling center, OCCRA, to make sure they’re properly disposed of, and Sean helps his elderly neighbor by shoveling his driveway in the winter time.

Graphic designer Lindsy Aragona loves being around children and likes to volunteer at a local children’s hospital to help kids find hope through art, storytelling, and the best medicine of all — laughter!

Be sure to tell us what you do to “do good” in the comments section below!